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I've always felt connected to doing things a little differently when it comes to HR - maybe that's the Aquarius nature in me - always wanting to do things outside the “norm.”

When it comes to HR, I am a big believer that we ALL have the ability when working with people, to be our own HR rep - it’s not a unique skill that sits to the side and is someone else’s responsibility - it’s within you, and how you connect with others.

For leaders in business, learning the effective ways to work with people, practicing them and being confident in knowing how to handle different situations when it comes to people, all comes down to your own leadership; knowing and understanding yourself first, and then understanding others.

During the years working in corporate HR, the HR team was often looked upon to “sort out” the people challenges that come up.

The belief that people challenges are HR's problem to solve, or that “HR will fix it”, is so outdated.

When the responsibility sits with HR to resolve people challenges, in my experience, it has always been met with negativity.

And, it will only ever be a quick fix and not a long-term solution when leading your team.

I’m here to change the thinking around HR, that HR doesn't need to be this big scary thing that you want to avoid, but something that you can embrace, learn and incorporate into your every day as a leader, and help you beyond just compliance and ticking boxes.

My approach to HR is about being proactive; it's what I have seen gets the best and most sustainable results when working with people.

When leaders take ownership like this, I often see these teams have the most success, are motivated and high performing teams (because these leaders aren’t hand balling this important part of leadership to someone else!)

If you are managing people, you are with your team everyday and understand them the best. Taking the time to understand people on a deeper level and also knowing your business goals, and then being able to link the two, can be the key to a successful team.

Learning HR doesn’t need to be complicated by the way, or put into the “too hard basket”.

The way of the future that I see, is less HR roles required in biz, and instead, leaders learning the HR skills necessary, in-house, with the help and support of a HR coach.

This approach can support those who may not be able to afford or access HR on a regular basis.

Having access to a HR coach to support you to build the HR skills you need, at a cost-effective price, and to be able to access those tools when you need them, is the way of the future.

What if I could share a way for you to learn how to work with people and support them in a simplified way that can make your life easier?

The HR Coaching Mastermind series is a great way to support leaders and small biz owners, taking you on a journey through each key step of the employee lifecycle, and not just a quick fix, but a long term and sustainable solution.

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My approach to HR is all about being proactive

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