Enhanced HR.

Receive support when you need it to enhance the HR work you are already doing, keeping you on track and accountable for your biz goals.

What's included:

  • Free Consultation to commence membership
  • Part of email community to get first access insights, tips and special deals
  • Support, advice and coaching across the area of Building Your Team
  • 1 hour of Office Hours each month for questions and implementation
  • Monthly Check-in calls; 30 minute coaching and planning session
  • 10% discount on:
    • HR Audit
    • HR Learning Modules
    • HR Coaching Mastermind
    • HR & Coaching Workshops
    • Hourly Rate for additional hours
    • End-to-End Recruitment Process
    • Tailored Projects

Conditions: 6 month minimum membership, billed quarterly. Can change membership level as required based on availability with 14 days notice.

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