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Finding what makes you happy

Easier said than done, right!?

Well let's explore this so you can start to make choices in your life that connect with your true happiness.

With the pressures of modern life and the world we live in today, it feels like everyday there is another sad story or experience around the world where people are suffering, unhappy, overwhelmed or feel helpless. And I know there are times when I can get caught up in this spiral of negativity.

How can we raise the collective vibration in a more positive way?

Well, that all starts with YOU. With the choices that you make throughout the day, can help to raise the vibration. Choosing to start the day unhappy and grumpy or happy and energised, all comes down to your choice.

But, I get it, sometimes through the chaos of it all, we can lose sight of what is important to us and feel like we don't have much choice....

And that’s where it all starts….getting back to understanding what makes us (you) happy.

And our own happiness is unique to us all.

Your happiness and what makes you happy is different to your partner, your kids, your family and friends.

How can you connect back to yourself, your inner being and internal guide to create a life connected to your happiness?

This requires time for you to reflect and connect with yourself, without distractions, input or comparison to the person next to you. It’s only you that can find what makes YOU happy, no one else.

I spent many years living outside of myself, putting the happiness of others before my own because that’s what I loved to do - support, people please and help others, so on reflection I sacrificed my own happiness...

The only way you can love, support and give to others is if you give all these things to yourself first. And it’s only when you do this that you will find true happiness.

I know, it can feel scary, awkward and not something that you have paid much attention to in your life.

To get you started, here are some journal prompts to allow you to sit quietly and connect with yourself and find what makes you happy.

Happiness is a choice I make

Journal Prompts

Write down 5 things that bring you joy

Who or what do you value most in your day?

How often am I incorporating these joyful moments and what I value in my day?

What is one thing I can change and do today to bring more joy into my life?

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