How to Ditch the Guilt and Thrive in Your Dual Role as a Working Mother

You have been in the baby bubble for a while now, embracing this journey and you feel it's now time to explore the ambitions you have. This time feels exciting for you, but at the same time, a flood of guilt takes over, that you can't possibly leave your baby yet.

This dual feeling, a push and pull towards your desire in life but also challenging you; what is the best way forward for you to feel fulfilled, whilst being the best mother you can be?

This guilt, coming from the balancing act between your ambitions and the demands of motherhood, can take its toll and leave you feel like you're failing at both.

I see you.

I was once you.

I was in this predicament of wanting balance and fulfilment in both roles, without the guilt.

Let's navigate this feeling and overcome guilt to thrive in motherhood and your career ⤵️

What does guilt look and feel like for you?

Guilt can be that nagging voice inside that constantly questions whether you are doing enough in either role. The clash of what it means to be a "good" mother or a "successful" professional. Recognizing that this feeling of guilt is a common experience shared by many working mothers and by becoming aware of how it shows up for you is key to acknowledge.

How can you shift perspective?

Let's start by redefining what "successful" means to you: Success doesn’t have one definition. It's fluid and personal. Redefining success on your terms is empowering and the first step toward alleviating guilt.

What does success look like to you now, as a professional and as a mother?

Another perspective is to focus on the quality of time spent rather than the quantity.

Being engaged and present with your child can be more impactful than hours of distracted time.

The same applies to work; becoming efficient and organised can be more effective so you don't lose hours of time. How can you make this work for you?

What are some practical steps you can take to Overcome Guilt?

1️⃣ Open Communication: At home and work, communicate your needs and boundaries clearly. Transparency can foster understanding and support.

2️⃣ Set Realistic Expectations:

Set achievable goals for both work and home. Recognizing that not everything can be done in a day and give yourself grace when things don’t go as planned.

3️⃣ Seek Support:

Don't shy away from asking for help. Utilize your support network—partners, family, friends, to share the load. Remember, seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

4️⃣ Self-Compassion:

Treat yourself with the same kindness you would offer a friend in your situation. Acknowledging your efforts, yes even the small steps you are taking.

Overcoming guilt is not about achieving a perfect balance but finding your own flow that works for you and making peace with the unexpected, that things won't always go to plan.

You are doing your best in both worlds.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by guilt, the THRIVING MAMA MAGIC coaching program is designed to support you on this journey, offering strategies, encouragement, and a community of fellow working mothers navigating the same challenges.

Are you ready to let go of guilt and embrace your dual journey with confidence and joy?

Join us, and lets embark on this path together, transforming guilt into empowerment, one step at a time. ➡️➡️➡️

What is the best way forward for you to feel fulfilled, whilst being the best mother you can be?

Are you ready to THRIVE in your career and motherhood without the guilt, stress and overwhelm?

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