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Power of Goal Setting: How to Set Aligned Goals

Are you someone who loves to set career and life goals?

For a long time setting goals was not for me...

Realising the Power of Goal Setting and taking action has been a massive AHA moment and the best time to explore goal setting is when you may feel stuck or in a funk and don’t know what to do next > that’s where goal setting can truly help. Hear me out.

Throughout my life, I have never been someone who sets major life goals (you know, like the buy a house by a certain age, save for this, get married by this date, have baby by this age, etc.) and take each day and opportunity as it comes rather than having milestones to reach by a certain time.

Setting goals was something that felt very restrictive for me.

Have you ever felt this way about goal setting?

I hear you and see you.

My connection to goal setting was never in a positive light until the turning point a few years ago. I had hit a roadblock in life and knew something had to change.

It was time to make a major life decision and it was through the help of a coach during this time of change and transformation that was significant to support me and connect with who I am and begin to create a life and career that aligned to my heart and soul.

For some, setting goals can be an easy exercise and something you can stick to, or if you are like me, you require support from a coach to keep you accountable and do it in a way that feels right for you.

It was through the success of the goal setting process with my coach and then ultimately taking ACTION towards these goals that I was able to connect more positively with goal setting and truly feel and see the benefits. Now, the goal setting I am referring to, isn’t the house, the partner, the baby goals; this type of goal setting approach focuses on how you want to feel and BE.

Ooh that sounds interesting, I've never thought of goals that way, I hear you say.

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There is without a doubt that I would not be where I am today without that help, guidance and support from a trusted coach.

Because let’s face it, we all need help in our lives > we seriously cannot do life on our own (hats off to those that do it all!)

what it looks like now...

From the coaching experiences I have had, I have lifted the hazy lens I had about goal setting to now truly see the power of connecting and feeling empowered with your goals and I will now continue to have a coach supporting me to do this in many areas of my life and business.

It allows me to have goals that are connected to my heart and soul, not the big restrictive goals that I always avoided. The benefits I have experienced myself and what I witness with my clients around goal setting, is truly inspiring and can help to elevate and transform your life into whatever your heart and soul desires.

But how do I justify investing in a coach you say, it is such a luxury to have?

Well, can you put a price or value on investing in yourself, your confidence, your growth, self-belief, love and commitment to your health, mind, body and soul? The value can be endless and lifelong.

I am here to help you get started on your goal setting journey and create goals that feel just right for you.

I don’t think you can ever put a price or value on investing in yourself, the value can be endless and lifelong.

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