building a team

Learn the strategies for building a cohesive and successful team ⤵️

(and getting it right first time!)

As a business owner or leader, building a successful team can sometimes feel hard and a whole lot of effort, especially if the person you hire doesn’t end up working out, isn’t aligned to what you actually need and overall you have wasted valuable time getting the hire wrong.

Have you been there?
Many leaders have, you are not alone.

I want to share with you 5 strategies you can implement today when are considering Building a Team.

And, even before you are ready, these are important points to consider so that you feel prepared, clear and equipped to make the right hire, first time (saving you time, energy, $$ and potential heartache in the long run).

1️⃣ Plan and get clear on what you need ⤵️

Take the time to plan and think about your pain points and be clear on what you need, without this step you could be stabbing in the dark!

Is it a short term solution you need, a specific project support or someone long term?

Map out specifically what you need as the first step will not only help you as a leader, but to also create clarity for the person you hire. Which leads nicely to point 2.

2️⃣ Create clarity of responsibilities in an effective Job Description ⤵️

Did you know that this one document alone can help you to create alignment with your team and support you with > advertising, setting goals, setting expectations, clarity on responsibilities, performance, giving feedback, remuneration discussions (to name a few).

Yes, this one doc can support you with all of these, which is why it is the number one go-to tool for you to have as a leader!

Be sure to cover the overall expectations, skills required and the impact the position can have to the overall business goals.

3️⃣ Understand the job market to know where to target your offer ⤵️

Having a budget in mind is one thing, but knowing what other similar positions are paying in the market is important to understand when you are considering hiring. Doing some research via job boards or Payscale can be a supportive first step. Research what the CPI movement and predictions are can be important to consider for future budgeting and allow opportunity for potential salary increases down the track.

4️⃣ Prepare and practice how to interview ⤵️

Interviews are one of the key times in a recruitment process where you are selling the company and position just as much as the candidate is wanting to put their best foot forward and sell themselves for the job.

➡️ What does a typical interview structure look like?

➡️ What questions will you ask?

➡️ What does the flow of the interview look like?

➡️ How can you be consistent to get the information you need to support a decision?

Learn more here

5️⃣ Represent your company values and brand ⤵️

Impressions count; especially during the building a team phase.

This is an opportunity for you to represent your brand and business in a way that is clear for someone new joining and what they can expect.

➡️ Do you know your company values and can you easily articulate them?

➡️ How visible are they for candidates to research and understand what it’s like to work at your company?

So now that you have these 5 strategies to get you started ⤵️

Are you ready to be your own HR Rep and put these suggestions into action?

Download the free guide and worksheets ➡️➡️➡️➡️

Be prepared as a leader by implementing these 5 strategies for building a cohesive and successful team (and get your hire right the first time!)

Download the FREE guide and worksheets to implement these strategies today ⤵️

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